Aeromatic 1912 and Tauchmeister 1937

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Aeromatic 1912 and Tauchmeister 1937 are brands owned by Rainer Bettner of Frankfurt, Germany. Despite claiming the status of 'manufacturer' there is little evidence of any production work being undertaken in Frankfurt for these watches. The Aeromatic watches in particular can in many instances be matched to items in the catalogue of Million Smart Enterprises ; the only unique feature being the Aeromatic 1912 logo. These watches in many ways fit the definition of ' Germasian '.

As their names suggest, Aeromatic watches follow an aviation theme, while Tauchmeister have the look of vintage diving watches. Mechanical movements used in these watches are sourced from various manufacturers depending on function. These include Liaoning Watch Factory , Shanghai Watch Factory and Sea-Gull . Quartz movements are from Miyota, Japan, and Ronda, Switzerland.