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Million Smart Enterprises is an Original Equipment Manufacture company with offices in Kowloon and a factory facility in Shenzhen. Their main business in low-cost complicated mechanical wristwatches for brands sold primarily via the internet. Million Smart have their own house brand, 'Bernadino', however this is probably only used for promotion of their products within the trade. Their watches are assembled from movements and parts from various sources, thus they are able to offer an unusually broad product range.

Million Smart gained some notoriety in the early 2000s with a Franck Muller-inspired, tonneau-cased open-heart watch that they supplied to many international brands. Some however were used for actual Franck Muller fakes . They were also produced for Montres Allison, a brand owned by US businessman Terry Allison who publicly insisted, in the face of mounting evidence, that his own company had made the watches.

When the Chinese copy of the ETA 7750 auto chrono entered production, Million Smart were quick to add it to their product range with the description "China's first automatic chronograph". These watches seem to have been successful for them and reports of their quality have been generally positive. The movements are sourced from Liaoning Watch Factory . Their use of the Liaoning tourbillon also did much to popularize the Chinese tourbillon.

Some brands known to buy from Million Smart include Trias, Elysee and Aeromatic 1912 in Germany, and Orion and Dolphin in Russia.

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