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Germasian (or Eurasian) watches which are branded and sold as "Made in Germany" or some other European country, despite being manufactured in whole or in part in Asia (China). Unlike "Swiss Made" watches, which are required by law to meet specific manufacturing requirements, "German," "French" and "Italian" watches are not bound by such strict rules. As a result, a huge variety of inexpensive "German Made" myth brand mechanical watches can be found for sale on the internet.

"Made in Germany" Quoted from Mike Stuffler, Moderator at Large of the forums

Trias, Elysee, Aeromatic 1912, Tauchmeister1937, Glashaus Hamburg, Olivier Witteaux... started up their business knowing that there is a strong demand for products made in Germany all over the world. Most of them don´t even run a shop or are represented at reputable watch shops here in Germany, most of them are selling online only (500 Trias currently on eBay). Nothing wrong with that but it´s already a hint what the business is about.

Some Trias watches are sold at so called "auction houses" here in Germany for 49, 69, 109 Euro. There´s hardly a German component with it!

"Made in Germany" always stood for outstanding quality, state of the art components combined with eye catching appearance (quote from German-watches).

Nowadays watches are offered to be "made in Germany" with prestigious names and history (which in some cases is a fairy tale). Due to the fact that there is no legal term, a TRIAS watch is "Made in Germany". Despite the fact that the production of major components of these "products" – many times even engineering, assembly and testing – is performed in countries with cheap labor in order to reduce cost as much as possible. That´s why a watch "made in Germany" can be offered for 200 bucks or even less.

Most of the watch brands like TRIAS do not have any watchmaking history or tradition, aren't skilled and have not seen a watchmakers school from the inside. Most of these brands are just a one-man-show, a trader and wholesaler jumping on the train to "big cash".

And please note: I am far away from discriminating (which others could interpret when reading your post) these watches. But I'll stick to state: They don't deserve to be "made in Germany" but due to the lack of legal term(s) they are. As I always say: You´ll get what you paid for.

Sothis, Schauer and Temption, Limes, Glashütte, Union, Mühle, Nomos, Tutima, Sinn, Damasko, Aristo and all the major brands I've forgotten to mention here tried to stick to what "made in Germany" should be about. TRIAS doesn't.

The philosphy of Sothis, Schauer and Temption for example coud be read on:

There still is a difference what "made in Germany" should be and currently is about. And please keep in mind that a base Unitas of a TRIAS differs a lot from a Unitas equipped in a Panerai, it´s not even close.