Common markings on Chinese watches

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Modern Chinese watches are usually marked in English for the international market, however older watches may be signed in English, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin (Chinese written in Roman characters) or any combination of these. Early watches were mostly signed in Chinese with use of Pinyin gradually increasing through the 1960s. English was introduced with the first exports in the 1970s. It is not unusual to see 'Made in China' written in both English and Chinese on the same watch.

Some common inscriptions

Pinyin Chinese English translation
BanGang 半钢 Half steel i.e. plated brass case with steel back
QuanGang 全钢 All steel
Fangci 防磁 Antimagnetic
FangShui 防水 Waterproof
FangZhen 防震 Shockproof
San Fang 三防 3 proof i.e. shock, water and magnetic proof
ZiDong 自动 Automatic
Zhan (old), Zuan (new) 占 (old), 钻 (new, see here for details of change) jewels, e.g. "17 Zuan" means 17 jewels
Zuan Biao 钻表 Jewelled watch
Dian Zi Biao 电子表 Electronic watch
Shiying 石英 Quartz
ShouBiao Chang 手表厂 Watch factory
Zhongguo 中国 China
Zhongguo Zhizao 中国制造 Made in China

Identification marks on the Standard movement

The Chinese Standard movement is customarily identified by a three character code, beginning with Z followed by two characters defining the factory of origin.

ZBE Beijing No. 2 Watch Factory

ZBJ Beijing Watch Factory

ZCQ Chongqing Clock & Watch Company

ZFL Feng Lei Instruments Factory

ZGZ Guangzhou Watch Factory

ZHE Harbin Watch Factory

ZHF Hefei Watch Factory

ZHQ Hongqi Watch Factory

ZHZ Hangzhou Watch Factory

ZJS Shijiazhuang City Watch Factory

ZLC Liaocheng Watch Factory

ZLN Liaoning Watch Factory

ZLY Luoyang Watch Factory

ZNC Nanchang Watch Factory

ZNN Nanning Watch Factory

ZQD Qingdao Watch Factory

ZSE Shanghai No. 2 Watch Factory

ZSH Shanghai Watch Factory

ZSY Shenyang Watch Factory

ZSZ Suzhou Watch Factory

ZTJ Tianjin Clock & Watch Factory

ZWH Wuhan Watch Factory

ZXZ Xuzhou Watch Factory

ZYT Yantai Clock & Watch Factory

Some early examples of the Standard movement use different identifiers. Some examples:

SS7 Shanghai Watch Factory

SZ-1 Original production run, Shanghai No. 2 Watch Factory

ZB-1 Beijing Watch Factory

SZB-1C Beijing Watch Factory, automatic

Other movement identification marks

A standardized format of movement designations was introduced in 1965. It is however a fairly flexible standard. Here are a few examples with explanations:

HJ1A pocket watch Jilin Watch Factory series 1 shockproof

SB-5 wristwatch Beijing Watch Factory series 5

SD2 wristwatch electronic series 2

SJL8 wristwatch Jilin Watch Factory series 8

SM1A-K wristwatch Shanghai Stopwatch Factory/ Shanghai No. 4 Watch Factory series 1 shockproof fast beat

SN-2 wristwatch Nanjing Watch Factory series 2

SS4H wristwatch Shanghai Watch Factory series 4 high grade

ST6D wristwatch Tianjin Watch Factory series 6 shockproof auto date