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A Tianjin Watch Factory ST5 watch movement

The ST5 is a 19 jewel, manual winding mechanical watch movement which was manufactured by the Tianjin Watch Factory from 1966 until 19xx. It was the first movement to be 100% designed and produced in China using Chinese tooling, and it was first used in DongFeng brand watches. The ST5 met the National First Grade standard, which may have been a factor in the Tianjin factory being granted an exemption from production of the Chinese standard movement (Tongji) . The ST5 movement is prized by collectors for its distinctive 'Sea-Gull Stripes' decoration comprising graceful radiating arcs engraved deeply on the plates. Due to the hand-finishing, no two are exactly alike.


The ST5-K variant, with a 21,600 bph escapement. Most but not all ST5-Ks were produced with the distictive bridge decoration seen in this example, sometimes called "Seagull stripes".
  • ST5-K: 21,600 bph escapement upgrade.
  • ST5-A: No calendar
  • ST5-B: Date variant
  • ST5-D: Automatic winding (1971)

Watch brands using the ST5

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