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The first (and for several years after, the only) English language forum focussing specifically on the Chinese watch industry was the Watchuseek Chinese Mechanical Watches forum, which started in 2005 on Ernie Romers' popular Watchuseek forums site. Initially the discussion focussed on vintage (1950s-80s) watches, but quickly broadened to encompass all aspects of mechanical watchmaking in China, past and present.

The Chinese themselves are also starting to show some interest in Chinese watches and there are a couple of active forums in the Chinese language. One discussion of Chinese watches, started in 2004 as an aside on a forum dedicated to cameras, ran to 4241 posts over 3 years, before being piped to another thread which continues to run to this day!

Besides these examples, there is a growing awareness on many forums regarding the variety of Chinese watches available and where they can be found.

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