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Jintuofei ( 金陀飞 ) "Golden Tour" is a brand of watches, owned and manufactured by the Tianjin Jinji Watch Factory . The brand currently is concentrated on tourbillon movement models, although they have sold some less expensive designs in the past that were based on Sea-Gull and Rodina designs. Their current models utilize in-house produced calibers, based on the design of the Sea-Gull ST80 . Jintoufei has positioned itself as a boutique brand that specializes in artisan crafted enamel dials, hand painted graphics, and carved metal designs. Additionally, the company's 12 Zodiac series products can be personalized according to the requirements of consumers, to create their own DIY watch dial, coupled with Jintuofei's high-end tourbillon movement.

In 2014, Jintuofei became a member of the China Watch Association, as well as its Watch Design Committee.

Jintuofei official website

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 5, Yibin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

Phone: 400-101-6155

E-mail: jintuofei@126.com

Mobile: 13920809597 (Mr. Liu)