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Haiou (海鸥) was a watch brand produced by one of the Shanghai watch factories (it is not clear which one). The name means "seagull", which can be a cause of confusion, as the brand name Sea-Gull was also used some years later by the Tianjin Watch Factory as an apolitical rebranding of their DongFeng watches. This second seagull brand has persisted to the present day, where it is quite successful, and the Tianjin Watch Factory has now become Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, and as such the seagull name is usually associated with Tianjin and not Shanghai.

Early Haiou models used the SS1 movement, while later models used examples of the Chinese Standard Movement manufactured by Shanghai Watch Factory and Shanghai No. 2 Watch Factory , as well as Shanghai Stopwatch Factory 's SM1A . Some Haiou models have a particularly striking caseback design, featuring a seagull flying over a wave, another potential cause of confusion as the caseback of the first Sea-Gull branded watch from Tianjin also features a seagull flying over a wave.