Fenglei Instruments Factory

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Fenglei Instruments Factory, located at the periphery of Xian , Shaanxi province, manufactured measuring devices used in many applications, including aviation clocks for the People's Liberation Army Air Force . It operated in close cooperation with the Clock & Watch Research Institute of the Ministry of Light Industry . In the 1970s and 1980s it produced wristwatches for civilian use in addition to its other activities.


During the 1960s many factories were moved from coastal cities to the interior to stimulate development in western China. There also might have been an effort to move some of the military industry manufacturers inland for national defence reasons, although this did not become official policy until a few years after Fenglei Instruments Factory was built in 1966. Many workers moved from Shanghai and other coastal cities to build it and to operate it when it opened in 1967. It manufactured precision instruments for military and civilian use.

Sometime around 1970 Fenglei began production of wristwatches, introducing its Xiongmao (panda) brand. Early Xiongmao watches are powered by SS1 movements with markings from Shanghai and Shanghai No. 2 Watch Factories. Fenglei was involved in the Chinese Standard Movement project, and released its own version in the early to mid-1970s, retaining the brand name Xiongmao. Later, a grade 3 brand was introduced with the brand name Lingyang (antelope).

In the 1970s Fenglei manufactured a mechanical chronograph movement with similarities to the Valjoux 23 and 72. It is seen in Captain brand models.

At some point the factory's name was changed to Shaanxi Fenglei Instrument Company. There are conflicting reports as to whether it is still in operation.

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