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Alpha Watch is a Chinese watch brand of the Hong Kong holding company Unidesign Workshop started in 1993. The company is based in Hong Kong with a workshop in China. The Alpha brand seems to be an export only brand and if they sell in the Chinese or Hong Kong markets it is suspected that they use another brand name. There is no Chinese name for the Alpha watch brand. The company welcomes custom ordered projects or wholesale purchases.

The core of Alpha's line-up are are "homage watches" - in essence replicas of famous Swiss models, but branded as Alpha's instead of Rolex, Omega, Panerai, etc. Quality control fluctuates, but if you receive a watch that works it's considered to be a good value watch for $50-$100. The company claims to use all stainless steel for it's SS watch cases. Alpha also claims that each of their movements is tested with "sophisticated Swiss instruments" and that every ALPHA watch is tested to be waterproof by "Swiss Vacuum equipment".

Alpha watches can be found on eBay or bought from

Alpha USA launched their web site in August 2009 as the first North American distributor of the Alpha Watch brand. Their stated goal has been to improve quality control and customer service and to "enhance Alpha Watch by having unique features and styling queues not available anywhere else." New models that "are not homages but an entirely new spin on the Alpha line" were announced and became available in 2009, specifically "The Carbon" and "MilSub". Alpha Watch USA closed in December 2010.


Physical Address

Room 1202, 12 Fl., #186 Johnston Road,Hong Kong. (H852K)

Phone and Fax Numbers

Tel: 852-29196803 Fax: 852-31863488