List of Chinese watch factories

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Factory Chinese name Location Operating dates Factory codes Notes
Shanghai Watch Factory 上海手表厂 Shanghai 1958-present DSZ, SB, SS, ZJSH, ZSH
Beijing Watch Factory 北京手表厂 Beijing 1958-present BS, SB, SZB, ZB
Tianjin Watch Factory 天津手表厂 Tianjin 1958-present ST Formerly Tianjin WuYi Watch Factory, now Tianjin Seagull Corporation
Tianjin Clock & Watch Factory 天津钟表厂 Tianjin 1959-? STZ, ZTZ
Hongqi Watch Factory 红旗手表厂 Xi'an, Shaanxi province 1969-roughly 2000 SHI, SHZ, ZHQ
Jilin Watch Factory 吉林手表厂 Jilin, Jilin province 1959-1980s or 1990s ZJL
Fenglei Instruments Factory 风雷仪表厂 Xi'an, Shaanxi province 1963-present ZFL
Suzhou Watch Factory 苏州手表厂  ?? 1973-? SB, ZSZ Demolished
Liaoning Watch Factory 辽宁手表厂 Dandong, Lioaning province 1957-? SL, SZL, ZLN
Guangzhou Watch Factory 广州手表厂 Guangzhou, Guangdong province early 1960s-present DG, SG, ZGZ