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Jilin Watch Factory (吉林手表厂) was founded in 1958 in Jilin City in Jilin Province, as one of the eight original Chinese watch factories founded that year. After a brief early period manufacturing wristwatches, the factory's primary focus shifted to producing pocket watches. In its early years, Jilin also produced a number of clocks and timing devices for military use. In the 1970s, focus shifted to civilian goods, including pocket watches powered by an oversized version of the Chinese Standard Movement, known as the HJ1A. Later in the decade, wrist watch production resumed and regular sized versions of the standard movement were manufactured with the factory code ZJL. The factory's main brand was Meihualu (Sika deer), which was used from the earliest days, but a number of other brands were used for standard movement wristwatches, most notably Hangtian and Jixing. The factory did not fare well during the crisis that faced China's watch industry in the 1980s and 1990s, and it folded in 2000.

Factory codes

  • Factory code: ZJL
  • Possible factory codes: SJ, SLJ