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Baoshihua (宝石花) was a grade 1 watch brand produced by Shanghai No. 2 Watch Factory starting in 1972. It was the first watch brand to make use of the newly developed Chinese Standard Movement. The name means "gem flower", and the dials of Baoshihua watches featured a flower design with the center of the flower made of synthetic ruby, similar in appearance to the jewel bearings in the movement.

For a short time in the early 1980s Shanghai Watch Factory produced its own Baoshihua brand watches with an identical logo and similar print on the dial. The main difference between models produced by the two factories is the movement. Shanghai No. 2's had 17 jewel standard movements marked ZSE while Shanghai Watch Factory's had 19 jewel ZSH tongjis.

In 1984 Shanghai No. 2 contracted Hefei Watch Factory to produce Baoshihua watches for three years. It is believed that Hefei-produced models have standard movements marked with the code AH 2J2.